We're Spot Monkey Media.

Spot Monkey Media provides graphic design and video production services for pro wrestling talent and promotions. Our work has been seen on WWE programming as well as inside wrestling rings, on merch tables and littered on car windows across the globe.

What do you do?

We design ring gear, event posters, t-shirts, 8x10s, logos and web graphics. We produce and edit video such as live events, hype packages, intro videos, show opens and promos. We create motion graphics such as lower thirds, logo intros and transitions.

So...why Spot Monkey Media?

We understand what you need — and why. If you're a promoter, you want an eye-catching poster to put butts in seats. If you're a wrestler, you want a sick set of ring gear so you can kick ass and look good doing it, or you just want to sell some pretty merch so you can buy drinks after the show.

Our vast experience working within the pro wrestling industry as well as our enthusiastic, fun-loving attitude that sets Spot Monkey Media apart from the rest.

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