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  • Adam Bolton
  • Aiden O'Shea
  • Airwolf
  • AJ Smooth
  • Alex Ohlson
  • American Alpha
  • Ariya Daivari
  • Austin Fouts
  • Austin Tyler Morris
  • Backwoods Brown
  • Bobby Brennan
  • Brendan Conway
  • The Carnies
  • Chainsaw King
  • Chico Suave
  • Chris Castro
  • Connor Braxton
  • Craig Mitchell
  • Craven Knyte
  • Crazy Pain
  • Darin Corbin
  • Davey Vega
  • Donovan Danhausen
  • Duke Cornell
  • Eddie Machete
  • GPA
  • Hippy Dicky Moon
  • Jake Garvin
  • Jake Parnell
  • Jason Carrion
  • JJ Garrett
  • Joey Grunge
  • Johnny Wisdom
  • Jordy Lee
  • Josh Briggs
  • Josh Calisto
  • Josh Price
  • Khris Kaliber
  • Kody Rice
  • Leone Mephisto
  • Malice
  • Mallaki
  • Marek Brave
  • Markus Crane
  • Mat Fitchett
  • Matt Cage
  • Matt Knicks
  • Mike Hartenbower
  • Mike Outlaw
  • Mojo McQueen
  • Mustafa Ali
  • Nathaniel Carr
  • Reed Bentley
  • Rob James
  • Rob Matters
  • Ruby Riot
  • Scott Story
  • Sether Gambino
  • Shawn Phoenix
  • Spears & Beers
  • Stephen Wolf
  • Stevie Fierce
  • Tobias Kurtis Luthor V
  • Tony Clash
  • Tony Deppen
  • Tyler Matrix
  • Ty Shyne
  • Venom
  • Xander Litt
  • Zane Bernardo

Also designed a shirt with a ham on it for Gregory Iron.

  • Absolute Intense Wrestling
  • After Dark Wrestling
  • American Wrestling Federation
  • Born Champions Wrestling
  • Canuck Pro
  • Crushed Pro Wrestling
  • DREAMWAVE Wrestling
  • F1RST Wrestling
  • Freelance Wrestling
  • Fully Loaded Wrestling
  • Game Changer Wrestling
  • George Tragos/Lou Thesz HOF
  • Heavy on Wrestling
  • Hybrid Wrestling
  • Impact Pro Wrestling
  • Kaiju Attack! Wrestling
  • Maximum Assault Wrestling
  • Minnesota Wrestling Entertainment
  • New South
  • Pro Wrestling Battleground
  • Scott County Wrestling
  • Showtime Championship Wrestling
  • Smart Mark Video
  • Women's Wrestling Revolution

We enjoy building relationships with wrestlers and promoters across the world. Here is a summary of our substantial work with several of our local companies:

WRESTLEPALOOZA is a series of bi-annual variety events promoted by professional wrestling company F1RST Wrestling, consisting of live professional wrestling, burlesque and musical performances. WRESTLEPALOOZA is hosted at the First Avenue Nightclub in Minneapolis, MN.

Since the third iteration back in March of 2014, Spot Monkey Media has produced various promotional graphics and video as well as creating show openings broadcast in front of the live audience to set the mood for the night's event.

Interested in our work with F1RST Wrestling?
Check out the video // motion & event posters & web sections!

Spot Monkey Media produces and broadcasts entrance videos and custom motion loops at Pro Wrestling Battleground events. Spot Monkey Media also conducts on-site editing and broadcast of pretaped promos on venue screens. Our partnership with Knocked Out Entertainment as well as our knowledge and use of top-of-the-line software allows us to produce captivating video content just moments before it is broadcast to a live audience. Spot Monkey Media also produces graphics to promote upcoming events.

Spot Monkey Media edited a weekly half hour television program AWF Sunday Shockwave broadcast on CW23, the Minneapolis/St. Paul CW affiliate. We produced 30 minutes of television consisting of wrestling matches and promos, all while adhering to strict timelines and network guidelines. We created static and motion graphics, created video packages such as the show opening and recap videos, curated original and royalty stock music, and provided creative input on storylines. Spot Monkey Media also subcontracted and managed television production personnel for up to five monthly live events, edited commercial spots for TV broadcast and maintained the AWF website.

Interested in our work with AWF?
Check out episodes 131 through 149 on YouTube!

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